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Renna meets  Robyn
Renna meets Robyn
Friday, 07/03/09   Site: My Neighbors Sex Tapes
Today Renna and I are on South beach. We took a weekend vacation. After walking around for a while and not seeing anything interesting we decide to hit a very upscale hotel in south beach for...
Work out with your cock out HD 1080p
Work out with your cock out
Wednesday, 07/01/09   Site: Bad Girls Get Fucked
Here at there is days when we get these bitches that have horrible attitudes and they don’t want to listen to anything we tell them to do. So on these special occasions we have to...
Sexy Lisy
Sexy Lisy
Tuesday, 06/30/09   Site: Tug Express
Today we bring you Lisy. If you're into hand jobs, this is the episode for you. Lisy strokes Ugly's cock using many different techniques. I'm surprised Ugly's weak ass lasted as long as he did....
Jada Stevens boat trip HD 1080p
Jada Stevens boat trip
Monday, 06/29/09   Site: My Personal Panties
Who doesn't like Jada Stevens's great ass can consider himself not quite straight. My personal opinion that she has one of the finest ass in the industry. I asked to join us on a boat trip. Of...
ANALyzing Ricki HD 1080p
ANALyzing Ricki
Monday, 06/29/09   Site: Ass Delivery
What's up? this week I have been thinking about Ricki cause she's the only girl I know can make me horny like a motherfucker in a matter of minutes. She is always available for an afternoon fuck...
Big tits in a class room
Big tits in a class room
Saturday, 06/27/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Kylee was a very bad girl and has to stay after class. She was too busy having wild sex with her roommate and didn’t study the night before so she cheated on her test. The Teacher tells her that...
Jaden's adventure HD 1080p
Jaden's adventure
Friday, 06/26/09   Site: 18 with Proof
There are days when it pays off to work for Cezar Capone, today was one of them. Emily decided she wanted to have an extra bit of fun today; she called me (Dommy B) and instructed me to round up...
Unplanned shoot went great HD 1080p
Unplanned shoot went great
Wednesday, 06/24/09   Site: Facial Special
The other day me and my friend Steven were going for a shoot pretending to be a professional production crew. Why pretending? Well first cause we are not professionals and second we wanted to take...
Got your realtor?
Got your realtor?
Monday, 06/22/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Hey, how is everybody doing? Today I got you another hottie her name is Vanessa and she is a real estate agent. I called her the other day wondering if she has anything available for my photo...
Roxy Jezel HD 1080p
Roxy Jezel
Sunday, 06/21/09   Site: My Personal Panties
Roxy Jezel - craziest bitch I've knows. She is officially representing filth, lust and other craziest things pervert's mind might be full of. Today she was my personal panties guest ready to do all...
Renna Sabree, Cock Diesel
Renna Sabree, Cock Diesel
Saturday, 06/20/09   Site: My Neighbors Sex Tapes
Living in South Florida is pretty good especially if you’re near the Miami area cause there are two great beaches. You have Miami Beach, and Fort Lauderdale Beach. All guys know where there is a...
Bella gets what she wants
Bella gets what she wants
Thursday, 06/18/09   Site: Viva la Bus
This week we bring you bella, another hot latina. The viva crew spyed her leaving an adult store. Well, so did her boyfriend. He seemed pretty mad, so they got to witness the drama. Once the...
Ricki Raaxxx big tits fuck
Ricki Raaxxx big tits fuck
Tuesday, 06/16/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Ricki Raaxxx. Big tits, nice face, tats. She is wild. I asked to come over to check out her new tattoos. I also called my boy over so he can hold the camera in case we gonna decide to do something...
Big tits on the ice rink HD 1080p
Big tits on the ice rink
Tuesday, 06/16/09   Site: Tits Burger
Sometimes, Cezar comes up with these ideas were others in the company are really not sure if it's a good idea. 9 out of 10 times Cezar proves everyone wrong. Today Cezar decided to call his boy...
Camera, rolling and blow
Camera, rolling and blow
Monday, 06/15/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Codi, a lazy porn director, finds Ralphie hot and sweaty working at her stuffy film studio. Horny, Codi, decides to seduce Ralphie and starts talking about blowjob scenes. Codi is surprised when...
Juicy Ass Action HD 1080p
Juicy Ass Action
Monday, 06/15/09   Site: Ass Delivery
This episode is just too fucking hot. Nikki James has eyes that could stop traffic, you just can’t stop staring into her eyes, well, if you check out her ass, you will not give a shit about them...
Tabathia on my panties HD 1080p
Tabathia on my panties
Monday, 06/15/09   Site: My Personal Panties
Meet Tabitha Tucker. She looks innocent enough, with her pink pock-a-dots and glasses on, but don’t let her fool you. She is a dirty little whore. When I bring her inside to masturbate, she is...
Viva Angelina Castro!
Viva Angelina Castro!
Friday, 06/12/09   Site: Miami's Juiciest
Sanchez and Angelina Castro are pretty good friends. They don't have sex, or anything like that, but they do hang out and help each other out. Angelina just got a new condo, but it needed a lot...
Tiffani's visit
Tiffani's visit
Thursday, 06/11/09   Site: POV Fixation
The other day I got a friend of mine Tiffani Thompson coming to check out my new apartment I rented. Well I also got a new telescope to look at naked people in the windows since its completely...
Ashley Jensens nature walk HD 1080p
Ashley Jensens nature walk
Tuesday, 06/09/09   Site: Bad Girls Get Fucked
Dom took us to go and pick up a friend of his from New Jersey. She was in a rehab center for a flour addicts and since she was behaving good they let her go on a nature walk. While we were driving...
Boat show story
Boat show story
Monday, 06/08/09   Site: Ass Delivery
This time I got another hottie for you to check out her name is Satine. I picked her up at this boat show that took place in Miami a few days ago. She was shopping for a new boat and seemed to be...
Brandy Talor's Amazing tits
Brandy Talor's Amazing tits
Saturday, 06/06/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
All semester, Ralphie and Brandy Talore have had the same Japanese foreign language class. Ralphie has hardly been able concentrate, thanks to her huge perfectly round boobs – the biggest...
Samira Kiss Great Latina fuck
Samira Kiss Great Latina fuck
Thursday, 06/04/09   Site: POV Fixation
Samira Kiss is one hot Latina. She showed up at my place after I called her over. What a hot girl. Such nice ass and tits and her amazing face is cute as fuck. She turned me on so fucking fast,...
Interview With a Tranny
Interview With a Tranny
Wednesday, 06/03/09   Site: Viva la Bus
This week we bring you a strange one. It includes a hot Indian girl, taint punching, ball flicking, cock slapping, dick strangling, hot sex, deep oral a prostitution, and a tranny that can suck...
Handjob missing in action HD 1080p
Handjob missing in action
Monday, 06/01/09   Site: Tug Express
Sophia came over to our office to look for my boss Gus. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for me he was not in the office. Dunno he was trying to cut another deal or something. He is good in...
Jaclyn's Hardcore Ass
Jaclyn's Hardcore Ass
Monday, 06/01/09   Site: Ass Delivery
This episode is no joke. This is some hardcore shit, folks. Jaclyn has to be one of the most enthusiastic sluts in the biz. Not only that, but she has an amazing firm ass and perfect tits....
3some awake from coma
3some awake from coma
Saturday, 05/30/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Ralph has been in a coma, lying in a hospital bed for months. Nobody has been able to wake him until Penny and her Sexy Nurse come in to check his status. They soon notice Ralph’s erect cock...
Monica's pink world HD 1080p
Monica's pink world
Friday, 05/29/09   Site: Facial Special
This shoot is one of my favorites. For 2 reasons. First is because pink is my favorite color and second because I fucking love spoiled teen brats. And that's exactly what we have today. I took a...
Jasilyn in "Trouble Youth" HD 1080p
Jasilyn in "Trouble Youth"
Thursday, 05/28/09   Site: 18 with Proof
D. Sanchez is constantly filming, like always even when he goes to the bathroom. So today we find Sanchez with his sidekick Ugly and Tony. Sanchez needed a tire and Tony had this friend who could...
Cheyanne Sweet, Christine Alexis
Cheyanne Sweet, Christine Alexis
Wednesday, 05/27/09   Site: My Neighbors Sex Tapes
Sometimes it is great being me, ha it’s great being me all the time. Today my girlfriend, Cheyanne had a surprise for me. I instantly knew it was another girl cause that is what she does for me....
Jaelyn Fox My favorite Dildo HD 1080p
Jaelyn Fox My favorite Dildo
Monday, 05/25/09   Site: My Personal Panties
If your dream girl is a cum sucking, dick taking, dirty talking, whore, then I have the girl for you!! Meet Jaclyn, the biggest whore I’ve yet to meet. In her interview, Jaclyn reveals just how...
Big ass Brianna fucking on olympic gams HD 1080p
Big ass Brianna fucking on...
Monday, 05/25/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Today we catch up with the Cezar Capone crew in a park. Cezar was at the park the other day and he ran into an old friend Brianna Beach, now Brianna is already established in the business. She...
Nice oily big tits HD 1080p
Nice oily big tits
Saturday, 05/23/09   Site: Tits Burger
Dommy B here kids!!!! I am gonna tell you about a adventure me and my friend Emily went on. It was just another day in Miami and Emily and I found us a new friend named Seth. I needed a box of...
Latin ass fuck for a mango
Latin ass fuck for a mango
Friday, 05/22/09   Site: Miami's Juiciest
This week we present to you Lisy. The crew caught Lisy gathering mangos in Jmac's backyard. She was jumpy at first, but with theft and trespassing against her, I'm sure she was relieved when...
Sophia's standing ovation in paradise HD 1080p
Sophia's standing ovation in...
Thursday, 05/21/09   Site: See Me In Public
Boy, do we have a treat for you today. Sofia. My dog JT found this cutie pie, way out by Jimbo's. She was there just hanging out by the bar visiting our city, also to look for dolphins in a...
Blond teen getting from behind HD 1080p
Blond teen getting from behind
Wednesday, 05/20/09   Site: Bad Girls Get Fucked
Another Bad Girls update at your proverbial door step... Here's what happened. I get get a call from my landlord Lee who tells him me, he saw a light or something and he said they had a few units...
Country Girl CornHole
Country Girl CornHole
Tuesday, 05/19/09   Site: Viva la Bus
Usually the vivalabus crew scopes out the hood or the beach for a girl. This episode, they took it to the other extreme. They went out to the middle of fucking nowhere to find a country girl....
Nena and Annika double stack
Nena and Annika double stack
Monday, 05/18/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Do you know why we call this site because when we deliver ass we do it better than anyone else! what happened here is that there is a previous movie that nobody has ever seen yet...
Solo girl fuking dildo Tatum HD 1080p
Solo girl fuking dildo Tatum
Sunday, 05/17/09   Site: My Personal Panties
Today, I learned that girls from Texas are fucking crazy!! I head over to Sanchez's studio to find my sidekick, Dom in the back alley trying to convince this little hottie that he was a director....
Nice Creampie natasha nice HD 1080p
Nice Creampie natasha nice
Saturday, 05/16/09   Site: Tits Burger
More huge titties all up in your face! Natasha Nice is back with a fury! This girl really has an absolutely amazing body, and she is totally cool too. This shoot comes well equipped, there is a...
Asian do facial HD 1080p
Asian do facial
Friday, 05/15/09   Site: Facial Special
Today me and my boy Dave AKA GOOGLE went to for a ride around our great Hialeah area that is full of surprises. Of course our major goal was to find some bitch that wouldn't mind to get her talent...
Burn em down HD 1080p
Burn em down
Thursday, 05/14/09   Site: Bad Girls Get Fucked
The other day we were all driving down the highway heading to some fucking place I don't even remember right now. There were 4 people in the car, me, dave pounder, dommy b and this guy I don't feel...
Hot lesbian loves the cock
Hot lesbian loves the cock
Wednesday, 05/13/09   Site: My Neighbors Sex Tapes
This one I am going to admit was kinda easy like a little to easy for me.. Renna had invited her friend (Jacky) over to hang out and just do girly things like talk, shop, and read magazines. Renna...
Samantha Lee big anal fiesta HD 1080p
Samantha Lee big anal fiesta
Tuesday, 05/12/09   Site: Tits Burger
Samantha Lee is one seriously hot milf with huge boobs and a quite serious addiction to anal sex. In this episode you will witness my boy Levi, gaping her nice hole, dirty style. He really does...
Laura Love brit first time! HD 1080p
Laura Love brit first time!
Monday, 05/11/09   Site: Tits Burger
Check out this hottie from across the pond, Laura Love. Dude this became classic before it even hit the floor. Just after we shot this amazing English girl with natural double D boobies and a sexy...
Carwash my ass!!! HD 1080p
Carwash my ass!!!
Monday, 05/11/09   Site: Ass Delivery
You know what is the main thing in life according to Eastern philosophy? It’s the process of accomplishing your goal. I never knew that the same theory applies to car wash. Not until I saw this...
Cum shot in her cute face HD 1080p
Cum shot in her cute face
Friday, 05/08/09   Site: Facial Special
An old friend of mine Brooklyn came down to Miami to pay me a visit. I love this girl... Every time she tells me that she is about to cum, I get so fucking excited, I almost cum. What I like most...
Misty first time public sex HD 1080p
Misty first time public sex
Thursday, 05/07/09   Site: See Me In Public
Well, I never thought paying my water bill could be so fun! Check this out, I see this girl sittin' on the stairs outside the utility place and she tells me her name is Misty and she's waiting for...
Lexi makes me so horny HD 1080p
Lexi makes me so horny
Wednesday, 05/06/09   Site: My Neighbors Sex Tapes
Not Everyday can be a good day. Today was a rough day. Me and Layna got into a huge fight a few nights ago and the next thing I knew, I was in handcuffs. When I got out of jail, I had a nice piece...
Teddi Holland
Teddi Holland
Monday, 05/04/09   Site: Ass Delivery
The one thing that I love about teddie is that not one single person knows how to shoot this bitch .. and what I mean by that is that this chick has one of the biggest fattest white asses I have...
Abby's Mom interview HD 1080p
Abby's Mom interview
Sunday, 05/03/09   Site: Bad Girls Get Fucked
Today we start out Mr. Cezar Capone interviewing a distressed mother talking about her bad daughter who is hanging out with the wrong crowd and constantly getting in trouble. So Cezar being the...
Cheyanne, Ruby, Cock Diesel
Cheyanne, Ruby, Cock Diesel
Friday, 05/01/09   Site: My Neighbors Sex Tapes
Sometimes I compare girls to food, if you eat the something every day you get kind of sick of it. I just needed to say that before I tell you this next story. So the night before me and my...
Is Eden Adams taking in the ass? HD 1080p
Is Eden Adams taking in the ass?
Thursday, 04/30/09   Site: 18 with Proof
Cezar Capone is the type of guy that will push the envelop and he is not afraid to take it a step above the regular. Today we find Cezar with Eden Adams at a local park, Cezar strapped Eden up with...
Jayden"s Journey
Jayden"s Journey
Wednesday, 04/29/09   Site: Viva la Bus
Ugly actually came through on this episode. He met a girl named Jayden at a tattoo shop that was willing to take a ride. He told her that they just wanted to interview her, and maybe have her...
First steps in the industry HD 1080p
First steps in the industry
Tuesday, 04/28/09   Site: Facial Special
I was hanging out with a friend of mine Sergio from LA. Sergio is a veteran of an industry and knows pretty much everything about it. So we were getting ready for some shoot but this chick was...
Nice Big Ass Ride! HD 1080p
Nice Big Ass Ride!
Monday, 04/27/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Hello everyone and welcome back. This time I got you yummy Dasani. Going straight to the point, this girl has some gorgeous cock sucking lips, firm titties, a banging ass, and a sense of humor like...
Fishing is fun HD 1080p
Fishing is fun
Sunday, 04/26/09   Site: Tits Burger
The other day me and JMac decided to go for a fishing, not the fishing that we normaly do but the real one though. Its been a while since I the last time I was fishing, even forgot what its like....
Cutting a deal HD 1080p
Cutting a deal
Friday, 04/24/09   Site: See Me In Public
There are 2 things I like in life. Girls and cars. To follow my second biggest passion in life I choose to be a mechanic and always was trying to catch up with the first but unfortunately u don't...
Revenge Is Bliss
Revenge Is Bliss
Tuesday, 04/21/09   Site: Viva la Bus
This is an older episode, but it's a good one. In this adventure, Jarred (or what ever fucking name he was going by at the time) introduces Sanchez to Autumn. Turns out that her friend had fucked...
Not just a big ass
Not just a big ass
Monday, 04/20/09   Site: Ass Delivery
At as we strive to find the best big round butts from all over the world . In todays update we hooked up with a lovely young lady named Rebecca Lane , Rebecca is an all...