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Stage Five Stalker HD 1080p
Stage Five Stalker
Tuesday, 10/20/09   Site: Viva la Bus
Halloween is our favorite time of the year. Seth the loves the candy, but the rest of us like dressing up and all of the cool gory shit you can buy. Also, women use the holiday as an excuse to...
Guess who's back,.. What an awesome tits
Guess who's back,.. What an...
Saturday, 10/17/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Brandy Taylor has some seriously wonderful tits. In this episode She gives our beloved nerd a study break and unleashes the pair for his enjoyment, which of course stimulates her to the point of...
Kati's casting HD 1080p
Kati's casting
Wednesday, 10/14/09   Site: 18 with Proof
The other day me and Dave went to get some stuff from downstairs of my new apartment. I took my camera with me cause I got some new accessories for my camera and was testing it as we were...
Farm Hand Hopeful HD 1080p
Farm Hand Hopeful
Tuesday, 10/13/09   Site: Viva la Bus
Dommy's dumb ass broke the camera while fucking around. It's all good though. I mean, yeah, fuck him, but every ending presents a new beginning, and in this case, it's HD. That's right. Sanchez...
Gianna's huge tits
Gianna's huge tits
Thursday, 10/08/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Gianna's Michaels boobs are amazing. I put my signature under this statement. One of the most amazing tits in the industry. I was sleeping in a chair when she woke me up. Then she pulled out my...
Young And Lost
Young And Lost
Tuesday, 10/06/09   Site: Viva la Bus
This week we bring you a fresh 18 year old white girl. We met her in a completely horrible cracky part on town. She said she was on her way to South Beach and got side tracked. Supposably, she...
Cynthia Bang HD 1080p
Cynthia Bang
Monday, 10/05/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Cynthia Bang is back. I guess she likes fucking on camera because she was willing to meet with Sanchez on beach. Sanchez got her to agree to another shoot, so they got some footage of her big ass...
Thea Marie HD 1080p
Thea Marie
Sunday, 10/04/09   Site: My Personal Panties
On our todays Personal Panties update Im bringing you Thea. When I called her wondering if she would like to do a scene for my site she was all excited about it. I always wanted to work with her...
Cash For Clunkers
Cash For Clunkers
Friday, 10/02/09   Site: Viva la Bus
The crew met Tara at a tattoo shop. She was a about to get a big ugly tattoo on her leg, but she only had enough money to cover the outline. Sanchez, being the generous person that he is, offered...
Teasing Tessa HD 1080p
Teasing Tessa
Wednesday, 09/30/09   Site: 18 with Proof
Me and Seth went to FLL on to hunt hoping to spot some young chicks on the local beach. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts we finally got lucky. This girl Tessa was all by herself on the beach...
Claudia's turn
Claudia's turn
Sunday, 09/27/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Claudia was making out with another friend of mine when I entered the room. Girls seemed to be having a good time and I figured that my appearance will make it even better. Then my friend decided...
Attention Whore
Attention Whore
Friday, 09/25/09   Site: Viva la Bus
Dommy B some how found a way to get locked up. I'd go further into detail, but I hate typing. The whole story is in the video. Anyways, Sanchez, Seth, and Chris had to go pick him up. After...
Surprise for Thea Marie HD 1080p
Surprise for Thea Marie
Tuesday, 09/22/09   Site: Facial Special
Today me and JMac went to see Thea who came to Miami for vacation. She told me what hotel she was staying so I decided to make surprise for her and show unexpectedly. That was good idea let me tell...
Rita's undies HD 1080p
Rita's undies
Saturday, 09/19/09   Site: My Personal Panties
Today on my personal panties adventure I bring you Rita Marie. This girl is amazingly beautiful. Her face, her nice ass, her big boobs is a combination of those things you definitely don't wanna...
Water Girl
Water Girl
Friday, 09/18/09   Site: Viva la Bus
It's a little known fact, but once you leave the beach or downtown Miami, you'll find vendors at almost every intersection, or some are just on the side of the road, usually under a bridge. Well...
Felony 's vacation HD 1080p
Felony 's vacation
Wednesday, 09/16/09   Site: Tits Burger
I called Felony to come and meet me at the beach knowing that she is here in Miami having some good time under the sun. This girl always looks good and her boobs is the first thing you notice on...
Alexia's panties HD 1080p
Alexia's panties
Sunday, 09/13/09   Site: My Personal Panties
Alexia Sky. I've been dying to shoot :) this girl ever since I first saw her. She is so pretty. When Cezar told me that she is coming to town I was begging him to let me film her. What a nice ass...
Tanya's James great tits
Tanya's James great tits
Saturday, 09/12/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
I love this girl Tanya. She is so fucking hot. Her tits were popping out this corset she was wearing. I got hard a second after I saw her sitting on my couch with her legs wide spread... She pulled...
Dominican Romance
Dominican Romance
Friday, 09/11/09   Site: Viva la Bus
It's the rainy season here in Miami. This is a good and bad thing. Good because girls are more likely to accept a ride in the rain, bad because the van has a fucking hole in the roof and the...
Surprise for Natalie HD 1080p
Surprise for Natalie
Wednesday, 09/09/09   Site: Facial Special
Natalie Norton is one fine sexy ass bitch that loves cocks more then anything else. I told her that I have a nice surprise for her and she has to come over to my place in order to get it. Like...
Nice Puerto Rican ass
Nice Puerto Rican ass
Tuesday, 09/08/09   Site: Miami's Juiciest
Me, JT and BS were driving the other day looking for a bank so gay T could deposit his first check he got from South Florida Tranny Love services. Seth apparently had no clue where to go and we...
Laurie's first time anal
Laurie's first time anal
Sunday, 09/06/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
On our today's big tits and nerds adventure I bring you Laurie. This hot beautiful Mexican chick gets wild once she sees a nice big dick pointing her way. She jumps on it like its a last resort....
Cherry's pie. HD 1080p
Cherry's pie.
Friday, 09/04/09   Site: 18 with Proof
Today I got you 18 year old Cherry willing to do some crazy shit on camera... This time I decided not to waste any time and go straight to the action. What a great tits on this girl. Nice and...
Dominatrix my ass
Dominatrix my ass
Thursday, 09/03/09   Site: Ass Delivery
I never knew that being a dominatrix is a such boring occupation you can possibly find. Someone hooked me up with this girl Julia, Julie something like that saying that she would love to try...
Sell My Hymen
Sell My Hymen
Tuesday, 09/01/09   Site: Viva la Bus
For those that don't know, Sanchez is a painter. He has been for most of his life. Like the rest of us, Sanchez is also short of cash. So the crew went out to try to sell some of his paintings....
A substitute for Jessica Jaymes
A substitute for Jessica Jaymes
Saturday, 08/29/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Check this out. I got pretty sick the other day but the problem that I already called a friend of mine Jessica for a shoot. I didn't know what to do, likely another friend of mine was aware of...
Abby Bella does Ugz HD 1080p
Abby Bella does Ugz
Thursday, 08/27/09   Site: Tug Express
Abby Bella. She's like a fine cut of churrasco, an Argentinean delight. How I met her goes like this: I show up at the office like any other day, groggy and irritable. My boss, King Ding-a-Ling,...
Jessica is a bigtits cock lover
Jessica is a bigtits cock lover
Monday, 08/24/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Today Johny had a really good day. Jessica was ready to suck his cock way before I managed to put a tape in my camera and press "REC". She jumped on it like a wild woman. I got a couple of nice...
Theme park adventure HD 1080p
Theme park adventure
Friday, 08/21/09   Site: See Me In Public
The other day me and a friend of mine went over to the theme park. It was a x-mass weekend and there were lots of people there. My friend took a camera with me and we thought that it would be great...
The Other Half
The Other Half
Wednesday, 08/19/09   Site: Viva la Bus
This week we bring you Channel, another example of parents naming kids after things they can't afford. The crew could not have got her without the help of Barbie, though. I'll start at the...
Kara Bare the hottie
Kara Bare the hottie
Tuesday, 08/18/09   Site: My Neighbors Sex Tapes
Today we start out with my hot girlfriend, Cheyanne in the shower. I just love watching her soap her tight sexy body up. So, like any man I decided to jump in with camera and all. Cheyanne and I...
Annika needs $200
Annika needs $200
Monday, 08/17/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Another Ass has been delivered right to your door. Please welcome back Annika. We were chilling at our friends body shop where JMac was showing us a car he just put together from lego pieces. Then...
Katie for 2
Katie for 2
Sunday, 08/16/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Check this out. My friend and I were sitting in the room playing with this new camera I recently bought. We were bored as fuck. Then a couple of minutes later our roommate walked in barely wearing...
Jessica and Claudia
Jessica and Claudia
Monday, 08/10/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Jessica and Claudia are fucking awesome. Enjoy watching those girls do nasty and filthy things to each other.
In the Right Place at the Right Time HD 1080p
In the Right Place at the Right...
Monday, 08/10/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Well this time it s a Broken Car episode, featuring this hot chick called Giselle - and once you see her naked you'll know exactly why Latinas are a special kind of fuck. Her car broke down and she...
Anika Adams HD 1080p
Anika Adams
Saturday, 08/08/09   Site: My Personal Panties
I believe everyone is going to agree with me that Annika's as is probably one of the hottest things you have ever seen. She is amazing. Today I asked invited her to do a solo scene. That was...
Roxy Jezel pony ride HD 1080p
Roxy Jezel pony ride
Thursday, 08/06/09   Site: Bad Girls Get Fucked
I don't think that Roxy Jezel needs an introduction. Those who have been surfing for a while familiar with her sex wildness very well. Yeah this horny Brit made herself to stand out among the rest...
Got milk?
Got milk?
Tuesday, 08/04/09   Site: Facial Special
Hey how is everybody doin'? Good to see you back. Here is what happened this time; I was cleaning my back yard, sweeping the dirty floor and shit like it cause my parents were coming back from...
Sierra fresh of the boat. HD 1080p
Sierra fresh of the boat.
Monday, 08/03/09   Site: My Personal Panties
Sierra Sanchez is one hot lovely girl who joined us the other day on a boat trip. I spoke to her for a bit before the scene. Turned out that she started doing porn only a couple months ago so she...
Asian Anal Adventure
Asian Anal Adventure
Monday, 08/03/09   Site: Ass Delivery
So this week, I was hanging out at my boy's car shop, and I was eager to watch him strip down a car and capture it all on tape, which is really not so smart on his part, but who gives a fuck, you...
Avy Scott big tits punishment HD 1080p
Avy Scott big tits punishment
Saturday, 08/01/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Avy Scott is one rough bitch that gets on you if you fuck someone up. Thats what happen to Ralphie. He was late to turn in some work and Mrs. Scott told him to come over for a serious conversation...
POV with Layna
POV with Layna
Friday, 07/31/09   Site: POV Fixation
If you haven't seen this girl in action. You have missed a lot. In my opinion she is one of the hottest amature porn chicks out there. Her beautiful tight round ass and nice perky tits is something...
My October getaway
My October getaway
Thursday, 07/30/09   Site: See Me In Public
Me and my girlfriend October were always thinking about capturing the best moments of our relationship on camera. Besides Orlando vacation, Thanksgiving day with her parents and bullshit of that...
Breanna's boat show HD 1080p
Breanna's boat show
Monday, 07/27/09   Site: My Personal Panties
Today I got you Breanna hot Beach. She gladly accepted my invitation to join me and couple other girls on a boat trip. I like her a lot. For many reason, mainly personal. Anyway, feel like watching...
Hot big ass Lilly HD 1080p
Hot big ass Lilly
Monday, 07/27/09   Site: Ass Delivery
This one was good one... I got this chick coming to my office to file an application for a job. Her name was Lilly and she was from LA... What a nice ass on this girl and face too... We had this...
Cheyanne Sweet and Diamond thresome
Cheyanne Sweet and Diamond thresome
Saturday, 07/25/09   Site: My Neighbors Sex Tapes
I think all guys have those days were you just don’t wanna do anything but relax with your girl and not run around like a chicken with your head cut-off. Well today all I wanted to do was that,...
Eva Ellington hot beach day HD 1080p
Eva Ellington hot beach day
Friday, 07/24/09   Site: Bad Girls Get Fucked
Today on our Bag Girls Get Fucked adventure we got Eva Ellington. We picked her up from some place in south beach and took her for a ride. As every other bad girl Eva had to go through our famous...
Bailey's slice
Bailey's slice
Wednesday, 07/22/09   Site: POV Fixation
The other day I was visiting a friend of mine who owns a pizza place that no one eats at. So he asked me to take care of the customers cause he needed to step out for a second. What a joke. But...
Gianna Michaels nice titty fuck HD 1080p
Gianna Michaels nice titty fuck
Monday, 07/20/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Restless and horny, Gianna is surprised when the inexperienced Ralphie, a friend to her boyfriend Donnie, shows up at her doorstep. Ralphie has always want to fuck Gianna and can’t believe it...
Bubble ass for a flyer girl! HD 1080p
Bubble ass for a flyer girl!
Monday, 07/20/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Hi boys, hope all is well. Here in Miami is easy to get lost and that's what I pretended when I saw this hot petite brunette walking in the park. My catch phrase I am lost, help - all I know is the...
Natasha Nice Surprise HD 1080p
Natasha Nice Surprise
Saturday, 07/18/09   Site: My Personal Panties
Natasha Nice is great. I love this girl. Her look, personality, tits pussy. All the good things. I always wanted to shoot her for my site but she was booked all over the place. It finally happened...
Handling Mason tits isn't easy HD 1080p
Handling Mason tits isn't easy
Thursday, 07/16/09   Site: Tits Burger
What can I say my good people? It was my first time in years, and I was newly on 200mg of anti-depressants. Sanchez was pissed but quite amused at my failure. I should also mention I first met...
Soccer ass HD 1080p
Soccer ass
Monday, 07/13/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Another ass delivery episode just arrived. Today I got you this hot Colombian chick Gigi. What a great ass on this girl! I went to pick her up from this soccer magazine photo shoot that she was...
Brandy Taylor nice tits cum shot
Brandy Taylor nice tits cum shot
Sunday, 07/12/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
After I posted an update with Brandy on my site, I got so many requests from my friends and fans asking me to get another episode with her and those amazingly huge and delicious boobs of hers. To...
Kyana's sex interview HD 1080p
Kyana's sex interview
Friday, 07/10/09   Site: See Me In Public
Another episode of my infamous documentary has arrived and today I got another birdy in my cage. I met her in a gift shop while she was trying a couple of bating suits. First I spoke to a sale...
Nice too meet you, lets do a threesome?
Nice too meet you, lets do a...
Wednesday, 07/08/09   Site: My Neighbors Sex Tapes
Renna was ending up to be a great girl, it got to the part were she was begging me to go get girls for us share. Today we hit the beach once again, figuring that there are always girls in those...
Staright to fucking
Staright to fucking
Tuesday, 07/07/09   Site: POV Fixation
Another POV Fixation update is here and today I decided not to waste any time on a some conversation cause I was horny as fuck. Good thing that my ex girlfriend Lexi was also craving for having...
Ashley Jensen the soloist. HD 1080p
Ashley Jensen the soloist.
Monday, 07/06/09   Site: My Personal Panties
Ashley Jensen is one hot slut that everyone is dying to throw a big fat chunk into her pink American vagina. She has a great body and fuck me till I cum type a face. Its really hard to stand next...
Emma's anal adventure HD 1080p
Emma's anal adventure
Monday, 07/06/09   Site: Ass Delivery
If you're up for another ass-licious update, you gotta check this out. My boy Alex was just walkin through the park and spotted this blond chick Emma with pink daisy dukes that showed off her nice...
Rebecca Linares spanish blow job
Rebecca Linares spanish blow job
Saturday, 07/04/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Rebecca is from Spain and her English is not very good. So she decides to ask her classmate Ralphie to come over to help her out for a little bit. Once the two are face to face out of the...