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Anika and Cyntia massive attack
Anika and Cyntia massive attack
Friday, 04/02/10   Site: Ass Delivery
Welcome back to you all. Today's Ass D update is off the chain. Anika and Cyntia are about to shake what mama gave them and do all kinds of crazy shit in front of my camera. I called Carlo prior to...
Al Be easy HD 1080p
Al Be easy
Tuesday, 03/16/10   Site: Tug Express
Jade is one hot Californian chick who came to Miami woth her boyfriend who later ditched her at the beach. You probably remember her from one of the viva la bus episode. I've found out that she was...
Lucky Al B HD 1080p
Lucky Al B
Tuesday, 02/23/10   Site: Tug Express
Brooke Lee Adams is one of the cutest girl in the industry. I invited her over to my place to shoot another episode of Tug Express. This chick is one of a kind. Just by looking at her gorgeous face...
Here is your reward, bitch HD 1080p
Here is your reward, bitch
Wednesday, 02/17/10   Site: Viva la Bus
The other day me, Dommy, Seth, Ralph and his boyfriend were going to my place to play a new game I recently bought. My fucking throat was bothering me lately so I decided to stop by at the pharmacy...
Lisa Sparxxx
Lisa Sparxxx
Sunday, 02/14/10   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Lisa Sparxxx has a pair of huge jugs I ever came across. She came over to my place after I called her. This time I decided not to waste even a second and we went straight to business. What a great...
Tug job from Fiona HD 1080p
Tug job from Fiona
Tuesday, 02/09/10   Site: Tug Express
I asked mrs Devil to come over to my place the other day. After I saw that scene she did with Long I couldnt stop thinking about this nice set of boobs and ass. She is very new to the business but...
Vegas trip HD 1080p
Vegas trip
Thursday, 02/04/10   Site: Ass Delivery
A month ago we went to Vegas for AVN and that was a quite a trip. It all happen just like in that movie hangover. I had a weirdest dream in my life, it was about some fucking aliens doing some anal...
al b, audrinna Southern Tug HD 1080p
al b, audrinna Southern Tug
Monday, 02/01/10   Site: Tug Express
Audrinna Levine a true southern bell. Her beautiful eyes scream sex when she stares at you. I couldn't get this girl out of my head for weeks and i am sure you guys might have the same problem....
The Asian invasion HD 1080p
The Asian invasion
Tuesday, 01/26/10   Site: Viva la Bus
The gang is out driving around in old typical vivalabus fashion. We brought our old friend Alex Gonz along this time. So we're having our usual intellectual conversations, (anal, big nose, drugs,...
Breanna Beach
Breanna Beach
Saturday, 01/23/10   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
You all probably know this hottie Breanna. I called her the other day to invite over to my place. Of course was I had in mind wasn't that we gonna be having a nice conversation while drinking some...
Big tittie pussy pounding HD 1080p
Big tittie pussy pounding
Friday, 01/22/10   Site: Bikini Nut
Okay check this out everybody... Daisy came to see us and do her first scene. People, I'm talkin' 40 minutes of straight pounding with a bangin' chick who is down for whatever. This girl is crazy...
Cuban disASSter HD 1080p
Cuban disASSter
Thursday, 01/21/10   Site: Ass Delivery
When I think about Angelina Castro the first thing that comes in my mind is nice great huge tits, perfect round ass and a big headache that this Cuban princess is cause by talking sooooo fucking...
Katey does Al B HD 1080p
Katey does Al B
Tuesday, 01/19/10   Site: Tug Express
Katey came over to my place the other day. This beautiful redhead was so excited about jerking me off especially after I told her that she is gonna get 100 American bucks for doing it. Her nice and...
Alexis Silver
Alexis Silver
Sunday, 01/17/10   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
I finally got to work with one of my favorite girls from the industry - Alexis Silver. Everyone who watches porn on the regular bases just like me knows how big and nice her natural jugs are. I...
Fake booty poundin' fun HD 1080p
Fake booty poundin' fun
Friday, 01/15/10   Site: Bikini Nut
So I was chillin picking up some girls, when I suddenly saw a beautiful and sexy chick walking by downtown. So stooped, and I pick her up. i started talking about money with her, just to know how...
An interview with a Goth HD 1080p
An interview with a Goth
Wednesday, 01/13/10   Site: Viva la Bus
Today me HPV and Shane D were going to the convention center to check out this stupid comic book convention that Dommy couldn't stop talking about for the past 2 weeks. Shane D, his partner, was...
Saturday, 01/09/10   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
This update rocks. I invited Reese over to my place to make a video about her sexual life. While I was setting up the shoot she was warming up in the bedroom. I decided to film this as well. She...
Tiny nympho blonde corner pocket HD 1080p
Tiny nympho blonde corner pocket
Friday, 01/08/10   Site: Bikini Nut
Killer body and sweet innocent face.. Trust us man, we had to do like a triple ID check on this babe. She may look it, but nothing about Tatiana is innocent. Hot as hell, and ready to fuck. She was...
Hoe Hunters HD 1080p
Hoe Hunters
Wednesday, 01/06/10   Site: Viva la Bus
We got a special one for ya'll this week; the first ever night bus. It was my b-day and Dommy n Sanchez promised me something special. I was a little nervouse when they pulled up in the van,...
Uggz is getting tug from Amanda HD 1080p
Uggz is getting tug from Amanda
Monday, 01/04/10   Site: Tug Express
This nice sunny but pretty windy day Uggz invited Amanda over to his place to film another episode of tug express. When she was taking her cloth off the wind blew so hard and she ended up loosing...
Punch drunk love HD 1080p
Punch drunk love
Friday, 01/01/10   Site: Bikini Nut
Hey what's up! This week I got a very beautiful girl in my grasps. Her name is Samira and she wants to do porn! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her. Samira’s nineteen and gorgeous. She's a...
Que Rica Ass HD 1080p
Que Rica Ass
Thursday, 12/31/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Beautiful Michelle Rica is back. You all probably remember her from one of the Tug Express episodes where this amazing Indian set of great natural boobs and ass was serving Jack. Now we deliver it...
Fallen Art HD 1080p
Fallen Art
Tuesday, 12/29/09   Site: Viva la Bus
Today me, DummyB, and John decided to check out the art district andvlook at the beautiful scenery. Since Seth forgot our Christmas gifts we told him hes not allowed to come along. So after a few...
Ugz gets hj from Pink, good old times... HD 1080p
Ugz gets hj from Pink, good old...
Monday, 12/28/09   Site: Tug Express
On todays Tug Express update we bring you Pink. You probably remember her from our Ass Delivery and Bus episodes. We got lots of requests from our members to make another episode with this hottie....
Oops! Was that your ass? HD 1080p
Oops! Was that your ass?
Friday, 12/25/09   Site: Bikini Nut
You know porn is something very amateur, you cant really predict what goes on. This tiny latina babe came over to hang out, we partied, she fell asleep and was woken up by my boy Jc, those two have...
Something about Jasmin HD 1080p
Something about Jasmin
Thursday, 12/24/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Cute? Check... Sexy? Check... Fat juicy fucking ass? HELL YEAH!!! This week we deliver ya'll Jasmin; she is one sexy hot ass bitch most guys would give up a testicle to fuck. I know i was tryin my...
Bums need love 2 HD 1080p
Bums need love 2
Tuesday, 12/22/09   Site: Viva la Bus
We've officially hit rock bottom. Meet our newest male talent, Brandon or Brannon; some shit like that, a local homeless alcoholic. (thanks dommy!) Well thanks to Sanchez we have Alexis; a true...
Happy hands HD 1080p
Happy hands
Monday, 12/21/09   Site: Tug Express
Another Tug Express update has arrived featuring gorgeous Suzanne. This half Native American girl knows how to stroke your cock well. She will drive you nuts with her amazing performance, so lean...
Sara Stone. Finally
Sara Stone. Finally
Saturday, 12/19/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
I finally got to shoot one of my favorite porn star Sara Stone. Being a big tits lover I always wanted to get in between this enormous jugs. I was even a bit nervous before the shoot. While this...
Little voice, big tits HD 1080p
Little voice, big tits
Friday, 12/18/09   Site: Bikini Nut
All you have to do is listen to this hot babe speak, and you will see how innocent she speaks. Then take a look at her kick ass body and you will fall for her. I needed a blowjob from this one. So...
That Puerto Rican Ass HD 1080p
That Puerto Rican Ass
Thursday, 12/17/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Al B called me the other day telling that he got this smoking hot chick who wants to shoot porn. She was from Puerto Rico and didn't speak English at all but who really cares what language who...
Bonnies Big Mouth HD 1080p
Bonnies Big Mouth
Tuesday, 12/15/09   Site: Viva la Bus
Ok here is what happen on todays update. We were on the way to the autozone to pick up some stuff for the van. I decided to take our old friend Bonnie with us to see if she is gonna be any helpful...
First time delivery HD 1080p
First time delivery
Friday, 12/11/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Dahlla walks into the apartment not sure what to expect since she had never shot a porn before. Shes getting her outfit ready and talking with Sanchez to prep up for her scene when Ralph...
Sweet eyes love the gooey jizz HD 1080p
Sweet eyes love the gooey jizz
Friday, 12/11/09   Site: Bikini Nut
Take a look at this latin bombshell, she has a sick body, rock hard ass and thick full lips, ripe for the cock sucking. Check out her video. This brunette reminds me of a neighbor i used to have....
Phat pussy, great spanish ass! HD 1080p
Phat pussy, great spanish ass!
Wednesday, 12/09/09   Site: Bikini Nut
My boy Jc could not contain himself as I shot these pics poolside. Shit, when I saw her ass from behind, I couldnt contain myself. Real amateur, real face, real ass. everything about this hottie...
Retard ramp HD 1080p
Retard ramp
Tuesday, 12/08/09   Site: Viva la Bus
We got a full bus for u guys this week. I was at the clinic with Barbie getting treated for my um uh.... never mind... Any ways i called Sanchez to pick us up and he came along with Dommy, John and...
Tug me in Spanish HD 1080p
Tug me in Spanish
Monday, 12/07/09   Site: Tug Express
We present to you Jessica, fresh from the beautiful island of puerto rico where the women cum hot, beautiful and always horny. This beautiful, exotic young lady may not know english but she...
Deja Vu
Deja Vu
Sunday, 12/06/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Ralph is still laid up in a coma at the hospital when two new bisexual Nurses come by to check on him. Once they see he has a tall erect boner they fuck the shit out of him until he comes to and...
Big booty babe bangs my boy HD 1080p
Big booty babe bangs my boy
Friday, 12/04/09   Site: Bikini Nut
This week I bring you a friend of mine Juliet. She came over the ranch to see what the mess was all about. She was wearing the hottest tight pink dress and my boy Jc could not contain his animal...
Two 4 one special delivery HD 1080p
Two 4 one special delivery
Friday, 12/04/09   Site: Ass Delivery
We got a special one for you sick fucks this week. Audrinna Levine is a young, sexy, horny little whore who happens to be a recovering dick-a-holic.( As the professionals call it) Lets just say...
Half hippie half cummy actress HD 1080p
Half hippie half cummy actress
Tuesday, 12/01/09   Site: Viva la Bus
Seth moved to the new neighborhood and kindly invited us to come and see his new place. To be honest it took us a while to find the place cause there is no such thing exist on map and no gps can...
Amy's turn HD 1080p
Amy's turn
Monday, 11/30/09   Site: Tug Express
On today's Tug Express update I bring you Amy. This hot Cuban chick has pretty soft hands and she definitely knows how to use them. I really like her performance and it made me cum pretty quick....
Sexy Sammy Sucks Sloppy Seconds HD 1080p
Sexy Sammy Sucks Sloppy Seconds
Friday, 11/27/09   Site: Bikini Nut
This shoot wasnt even supposed to happen, she was there hanging out on the set looking at us work, she was wearing a teeny tiny white bikini and was loving life in the hot spanish sun. She was...
Ass revenge on Pink HD 1080p
Ass revenge on Pink
Thursday, 11/26/09   Site: Ass Delivery
We got you back pink cookie. As she ditched Sanchez on the bus shoot the other day, he planned his revenge and got back to her one day at our apartment. She did not know we're gonna shoot her, just...
Gorgeous Jasmin HD 1080p
Gorgeous Jasmin
Monday, 11/23/09   Site: Tug Express
On our today's Tug Express update we bring you hot Jasmin Jolie. This girl is gorgeous. What a cuttie! She started teasing me a second I turned my camera on. Her cute face, great ass, soft hands...
Tits are better then comic books
Tits are better then comic books
Saturday, 11/21/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Memphis just broke up with her no good boyfriend and finds herself home alone on a hot summer day. Desperate to make herself feel better, Memphis lies on her couch and starts to massage her...
A nice reward HD 1080p
A nice reward
Friday, 11/20/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Dommy have found someone's dog on the street and called me right away cause he didn't know what to do with it. His street Hialeah instinct was telling him that he has about 10 minutes to sell the...
Stranded on the beach HD 1080p
Stranded on the beach
Tuesday, 11/17/09   Site: Viva la Bus
Well as you all know... Dumby B ditched Sanchez in the last episode. So Al-B had to be called in to drive, but of course, Bummy D called to apologize from the beach. So we went to see how sincere...
Michelle Ricka's amazing performance HD 1080p
Michelle Ricka's amazing...
Monday, 11/16/09   Site: Tug Express
Greatest natural tits I've ever seen. Thats the first thing that comes in my mind when I think of Michelle. I was so happy to know that she is in town and called her right away to see if she wants...
Great Lisa HD 1080p
Great Lisa
Thursday, 11/12/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Today we got you something very special. Seth called me today asking to come over to his friends house and take a couple of shots of her house. I think she was trying to rent the property. One...
Pretty In Pink HD 1080p
Pretty In Pink
Tuesday, 11/10/09   Site: Viva la Bus
Hunting down women on the street is a draining activity, so Sanchez put an ad on Craigs list so the women could just com to him. Jessica/Pink thought she was showing up for a casting call, but...
Bonnie servs Uggz HD 1080p
Bonnie servs Uggz
Monday, 11/09/09   Site: Tug Express
Amazing. Is the word I would choose to describe Bonnie Skye if I could only pick one. She is so fucking sexy I'm getting hard just writing this. Seriously this is the hot shit. She is awesome she...
Yoga clASSSSS HD 1080p
Thursday, 11/05/09   Site: Ass Delivery
Carlo told me that his knee was bothering him and that he needed some yoga or whatever instructor to help him out. I knew one girl who told me long time ago that she was practicing yoga and anal....
The hopeless hippie HD 1080p
The hopeless hippie
Tuesday, 11/03/09   Site: Viva la Bus
Okay, I'm not sure how to describe this episode. I mean, the story is easy to follow, but the girl was insane. We met her at a garage sale. It didn't take long before she was annoyed with us,...
Ginger tug HD 1080p
Ginger tug
Monday, 11/02/09   Site: Tug Express
Ginger is a hot little southern white girl a bit fiery and very accommodating. She was hanging out on my balcony, teasing me through the glass, rubbing on her body and whatnot. I called her in and...
Dream tits of Cassandra
Dream tits of Cassandra
Saturday, 10/31/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Cassandra is playing with her sweet pussy until she starts to moan when Ralph stops in for a quick visit. Horny and ready for some action, Cassandra slides Ralphie’s large cock between her big...
mASSive cleaning HD 1080p
mASSive cleaning
Thursday, 10/29/09   Site: Ass Delivery
So Sanchez calls some sexy cleaning service to spice up the day. A couple hours later there is a knock at the door, Dom opens it and lets in this super sexy white girl with a ba-donk-a-donk in some...
Ass For Gas HD 1080p
Ass For Gas
Wednesday, 10/28/09   Site: Viva la Bus
The original intent for this adventure was to go to a local fun park to ride go-carts. Of course Sanchez was filming. He films everything. So the first hiccup of the day was that Chris...
Eva Angelina's cum covered tits
Eva Angelina's cum covered tits
Saturday, 10/24/09   Site: Big Tits n' Nerds
Hearing some commotion the night before, Eva’s Land Lord stops by to check on her apartment the next day and finds it completely ransacked. Scared that it could be her jealous ex boyfriend, Eva...
Breana Beach. An old promise HD 1080p
Breana Beach. An old promise
Thursday, 10/22/09   Site: Ass Delivery
My friend Brianna came from NYC to Miami for a couple of days. It was like last winter. Well poor thing thought that Miami would welcome her with a nice shiny weather but instead of that she got...