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Sara Siren photo

Sara Siren

Age: 20
Hair: black
Body: petite
Breast: small
Ethnicity: white

Rating: 5.50 (3 votes)

This girl is a fun lover, she loves trying new things, showing off her body and of course sex. She likes to meet new people and explore new places and new people. She loves nature although admits she has little experience in the outdoors. She also loves fashion and is constantly updating her wardrobe. She also likes to be social and meet new people. She is very sexual and has refined her incredible skills. She is easily turned on and loves to play with herself. Her favorite position is doggy style, and she absolutely loves to suck dick. She has a little exotic dancing experience. -ugly

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Here is your reward, bitch

The other day me, Dommy, Seth, Ralph and his boyfriend were going to my place to play a new game I recently bought. My fucking throat was bothering me lately so I decided to stop by at the pharmacy to buy some medicine. My dog Max was with us that day so when I left I asked those retards to watch the dog. And of course it was very stupid of me to delegate such difficult task to those idiots. They lost a fucking dog. Good thing that he didn't ran away cuz apparently some nice looking chick...

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Published: Feb 17, 2010
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Kite fun

It was a beautiful windy day in Miami and Sara, a sweet baby face with gorgeous puffy lips and flawless skin decided to go and try something she had never done before; get three dicks in her ass at the same time, no kidding, worse than that, she decided to do some kite-flying. Very entertaining stuff if you find kite-flying amusing... So she was at this park and ran into my boy John who was sniffing around for some fresh pussy, as always. John helped her and soon after the kite was up in the...

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